Friday, June 12, 2015


Panjang lebar dengan 2/3 entry saya ceritakan mengenai pap smear dan kanser servik sebelum ini..jom kita lihat antara testimoni kanser servik yang berjaya pulih dengan Set Kanser Shaklee.

"Our daugther Terri was diagnosed with stage 5 cervical cancer. Her annual pap test was abnormal. Three weeks later the biopsy showed two areas with pre-cancerous cells and one with cancer. The doctor recommended surgery. We established an aggressive cancer nutrition regime for her including Shaklee's weight loss program. Her physician noted an improvement but still wanted Terry to go through surgery as soon as possible. We felt we were making progress and sought a second opinion. The second doctor read the results from the first and made the same conclusion. Neither doctor felt proper nutrition could help. Not satisfied, we continued the aggressive nutririon regime and sought a third opinion and a new pap test. Five months after the initial diagnosis Terri was nottified her latest pap test came back to NORMAL!
Marty & Lynn Frederick
Sumber - Life Changing Cancer Short Stories

Customer ni hampir nak operation tetapi tak jadi..miracle kan?..kuasa Tuhan..Alhamdulillah

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